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Omni Energy buys and trades the following: ULO, UMO, Bilge Oil, Sweet Crude, Synthetic Crude and other heavy crude by-products.

Sand & Minerals Division

Omni Energy Group, LLC has worked alongside numerous Oil and Gas companies for many years.  So the question came up as to whether it had any access to the associated products, mainly Frackin’ Sand?  It was a question that came at the perfect time in the play, as OEG had already begun the association with the entities deeply involved in that field and understood its importance. 

OEG (Ms. Julie Yura), having just established a separate office within South Texas manned by Mr. Paul Garza, decided it the time and the place to make it all come together.  Mr. Garza, whom had also been working with companies seeking assistance in finding true and real providers, came onboard.  At that time, OEG decided that it was a perfect time and opportunity to create the OEG Sand Division (OEGS).   This division is dedicated to servicing the needs of the End User in South Texas Region of the Eagle Ford Shale area.  In addition, while not limited to this area,  OEGS is committed to working with those companies north and south of the U. S. Border  in ensuring that they have the sufficient supply either way, whether it be Frac Sand and/or Barite products delivered to the Bakken – Permian Basin – Marcellus – Burgos (Mexico).

OEGS has been fortunate in finding itself personally aligned with multiple Processors/Transloading Owners that work hand in hand to deliver the necessary products requested individually by the Cooperating Suppliers and End users within this area.   It is important to note that OEGS is a step ahead by the mere fact that Mr. Garza, a South Texas native, bilingual, with his numerous connections on both sides of the border, along with his many years as a Contracting officer for the Federal Government, thoroughly understands the contractual needs borne by this new industry and works towards personal development between the companies enmeshed in the intricacies of the future plays just south of the Texas Border.  At the right place, at the right time.  OEGS is prepared.

OEGS also has established its own acquisition of mine production possibilities.  Currently working with several mine owners to focus on their specific abilities to produce certain cuts within their inventory.  OEGS and OEG work hand in hand with our associated processors /vendors, to contract the logistics portion as well as having the ability and means to literally take it…from the ground….to the wellhead if necessary.

Mr. Garza is presently in the Division as the Director of Project and Product Development – Sand Division.  The combination of both areas of expertise make OEG and OEGS a force to deal with.

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