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Omni Energy recycles millions of gallons of used oil each year, serving a wide range of customers ranging from small auto-repair facilities to large industrial plants. With the largest network of facilities in the Carolina area and many trucks available, Omni Energy is able to service even the smallest of used oil producing customers quickly and efficiently.

The company's fully-permitted and insured transportation fleet collects and transports waste oils to our facilities for testing and processing. All incoming waste oils are stringently tested and "fingerprinted" in the field and at company-owned laboratories. After identifying a waste sample's composition, our team of experts determines the best treatment approach to employ.

About Us

Omni Energy LLC. is one of North Carolina's leading oil recycling companies.

Our services include:

  • Safe collection and processing of used motor oil into an economical fuel;
  • Proper disposal of petroleum-contaminated water;
  • Recovery of virgin fuel and petroleum product;
  • Large tank recovery jobs are our specialty. We have been included in the recovery of 300 to 300,000 gallons at a time.

We are a licensed recycling facility approved by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Protection. The company's uniqueness stems from the diversity and expertise its owners bring to it.

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